If you’re going to do a home re-organization or even full renovation, good design is the key to make the outcome fantastic no matter how big or small. However we have to admit the fact that sometimes the designs in our head don’t always look good in real life. There’s where interior design apps come in to let you experiment your design before you painting the wall or lifting the heavy furniture.


Houzz is considered the wikipedia of home design due to its large database of both interior and exterior design ideas with millions of photos. With the app you can explore high resolution design images by style, room and location then save them to your virtual ideabook. The best part of the app is that you can find almost everything from products curated by their editorial team to local architects, designers as well as contractors to realize your idea.


ColorSmart by BEHR is an easy-to-use mobile app to find, coordinate and preview the paint color for your paint project. You can explore colors from their color collection, take a photo to get a matching color or even choose from their designer-coordinated palettes. To preview the color, you can choose from a variety of room styles and types. Once the room is selected you can then use your finger to paint it with the color you like. The app allows you to either save your work to Behr.com workbook account or upload it to your Facebook wall.

Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is another app that assist you to redesign or redecorate your dream home with its intuitive interface. With the app you can easily drag and drop any fixtures or furniture where you want. It comes with over 800 different objects available for the house and the garden. All cladding and materials are customizable.
Once you’ve finished the design, you can view your home in 3D with 2 navigation modes (First Person view or Observer mode).

Mark on Call

To save yourself from failed room rearranging, Mark on Call is the app you should give it a try. The beauty of this app is that you can snap a photo of any fabric, flooring and finishing inspirations you come across and insert them onto the floor plans. It lets you instantly see how it they might have worked in your living space. Other features include: measuring any two points in a room, adding “Eyeliner” to a room for eye-catching flair, creating infinite angles, recesses, and irregular plan features as well as adding room background color.


iHandy Level, as the name implies, is a level app that accurately checks the flatness of the surfaces of any objects around you. You can use it for angle measurement, picture alignment, measuring angles of slope, verticality of a wall, furniture and many more.

Carpet & Floor Calculator

If you want to find out the cost for replacing your old carpet or floor tiles, Carpet & Floor Calculator is the app that worth a try. It helps you to calculate the price and area of carpet, tiling or wall paper for your home project including labor hours too. Each calculation can be saved and emailed.