Ever since Apps have become a buzzword in the virtual world, animal’s lovers too, have been greatly benefited. These have brought them together to share ideas and valuable information that ranges from anything between how to select the right pets to their care, maintenance, and upkeep.

ASPCA Mobile App

This app comes for free and makes it much easier for both experienced and new dog ownership. This app has been designed for training pet parents to handle natural disasters and storing the pet’s vital health statistics.

Also comes with tips for pet management during natural calamities and tools to create a digital flyer for advertising should the pet be lost. This app’s mission is to make you hope for the best while also preparing for the worst. Usable on Android and iTunes, this app has found profound popularity with pet owners in hurricane and snow storm-prone zones.


The Trottr app helps you locate the right pets of your choice in your neighborhood or nearest center and also provides information on pet care including names of local and trained dog walkers also.

In case you are traveling or away from home, don’t worry. You can track your dog walking and care through this app while also paying for it through the Trottr app. You get the most authentic information on local pet care individuals as only the best service providers are included in the app. Usable on iTunes and this is free. Even someone as dim-witted as Napoleon Dynamite would have to agree that is a fantastic price!


Download this app for free and click away as many doggy selfies as you like. You are allowed to choose a particular sound that the app offers and which instantly grabs your pup’s attention for that perfect and cute photo op.

The other features include picture customization using quotes, stickers, filters, and meme text before sharing on social media. Available on Android and  iTunes. Its weird sounds are sure to grab the dog’s attention and have its tail wagging for a perfect shot.


A salient purchase for those owners who love traveling with their pets and spend a lot of time looking for pet-friendly hotels, beaches and parks. The BringFido app has been introduced by a leading website for pet travel with the same name providing appropriate hotel searches, booking options, filtering, listings for upcoming local dog events as also highly reliable information on pet care including sitters, vets, walkers, and groomers. Available on iTunes. Highly recommended for pet owners on the move. Comes for free and helps save valuable search time.

Pet Acoustics

Awaken the music lover in your pet through this app. Its music collection is designed to soothe restless pets and to help them relax with music.

Since dogs particularly have a very sensitive hearing sense, the music that this app provides has the right frequency, rhythm, and volume to give your pet that feeling of safety and comfort that only a peaceful environment provides. Ideal for pets which suffer from separation anxiety or the young pup with excessive energy levels. Available on iTunes and now recommended officially by vets.

Pet First Aid

Having a pet may be easy but dealing with its medical emergencies may not. When you subscribe to this app, you automatically get access to all the latest information, videos, and photos of how to tackle anything from fractures to gashes and cuts. It also helps you locate specialist vets and pharmacies selling animal food and medicine.