Music has a powerful ability to make us feel all different types of ways. There is always a specific song, album, or artist we go to when we just want to feel good and dance it out, and the same for when we are moody and feeling down.

And while there are popular streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and the like that provide platforms in order to play and discover music, a new app just entered the scene that could be the next best thing.

SoundR is the app that makes it easy to search and find the perfect kind of music the user is the mood for.

That’s because it bases all music playlists on moods, emotions, and activities.

The idea might remind some of the music app Songza (which was later acquired by Google Play Music) that allowed users to find music based on how they were feeling, what they were doing and the time of day.

However, it takes this premise of matching music with emotion and presents it in a fun and interactive way. It does this by having the user tap on bubbles that contain various words to explain their current emotion.

Removing all the clutter and complex features, SoundR features a clean and easy to navigate interface. The app consists of just a plain, white homepage that is full of these bubbles, with the pink belonging to genres of music, the yellow containing moods and emotions, and the blue featuring times of the day and seasons.

Bubbles include words like: run, sleeping, morning, summer, rock, electronic, happy, relax, chill and love.

The user simply taps on as many bubbles that at that moment suit what they are looking for. SoundR’s algorithm then takes over and brings up a playlist based on the bubbles.

To see the complete playlist, just tap on the album icon located at the bottom to bring up all the songs playing next.

The app does not have an extensive library of music just yet, but does feature music by Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Bon Iver, Madonna and more.

The France-based company has future plans to partner with different players in the music industry like labels and artists to continue to elevate the platform.

It also has plans in integrate other streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify to continue to build up its library and have users sync to their other accounts.

Users will also be able to tap into a social feature and events in the future.

Although simple, SoundR does come in handy when looking for a mix of music for a chill morning. When having an extremely stressful day, don’t let these emotions just bubble up. Use them to help you find the perfect playlist with the new music app SoundR.