Peak family holiday season is in full swing and as millions of us make the final preparations for our long awaited summer break, take a few minutes to read these safety essentials before you travel to help keep your kids safe as you embark your family break.

One of the most sensible safety precautions you can take to protect your family is to buy travel insurance that has ample coverage to protect you and your family against unexpected emergency situations. Most Travel Insurance Policies have a 24/7 Emergency Assistance Service to help with emergencies while you are abroad. Hopefully you won’t need them, but it’s good to know they are there, so make sure you take their details with you.

One of the most exciting parts of travelling abroad with young children can be the journey.  Planes are a never-ending source of delight and wonder for young children. There are many safety precautions and regulations that airlines must adhere to when carrying children. These include international regulations as well as safety regulations mandated by their country of origin.

However, it is also up to us, to keep our children safe and happy during the journey and flight. Here are 3 vital safety reminders if you are travelling with young children:

Stay Close

It’s every parents’ nightmare to lose their child – and the risk is higher when in crowded places such as the airport. Make sure they know they must stay with you at all times, even though there may be lots of exciting things to look at. Also avoid getting distracted yourself and taking your eye off them! It only takes seconds to lose them. Its worth dressing your kids in bright, distinctive clothes that stand out. This will help you spot them easily if they accidently wander off. While on the plane, its best to keep them seated with the seatbelt loosely fastened and visible (even while they are sleeping – this will avoid you having to wake them up just to prove they have a belt on if this is hidden by a blanket).

Ear Popping Advice

Most children experience the sensation of ear popping with air pressure changes and as the aeroplane reaches a certain altitude. It’s worth letting your children know that this might happen so that its not a shock and prepare them with what they can do to alleviate any pain they may get. Chewing and swallow can help, or play a game that involves blowing, which can also alleviate pressure. Sucking a lollipop or hard boiled sweet is also helpful and a great (and tasty) distraction.

Carry a First Aid Kit

Travelling is super exciting for kids and this could result in minor medical problems that you should be prepared for. Especially if they have changed sleep patterns, eaten more treats than usual, or have just been very excited for hours. Carry whatever medication you might need as this will save a lot of stress and upset. Pack a first aid kit for minor ailments that is portable enough to carry in your hand luggage. Include something like Calpol, child friendly travel sickness tablets, allergy medication, anti-bacteria gel, assorted size plasters, a digital thermometer etc.,

As much as we want our children to be safe during a trip, you would want to guarantee that everything will be taken care of if the unexpected happens during a trip.  To give you peace of mind, choose travel insurance that reduces travel risk and provides invaluable assistance in emergency situations.