Go online shopping

Try not to go over your credit limit, though. Otherwise, you’ll be working yourself to the bone the next couple of weeks.

Arrange your books in alphabetical order

You do know the entire alphabet, don’t you?

Create a budget for the next month

Who says you have to stick to it anyway?

Decorate your room with recycled materials

Having time to kill is the perfect opportunity to help Mother Earth.


Read a novel

Unless you’re a book lover, reading a novel isn’t really the first thing you think of when you’re trying to figure out what to do when your bored at home. For a more interesting experience, try reading genres or themes you don’t typically attempt.

Build miniature models

One of the best stuff to do when you’re bored at home is to build miniature models. It could be a model of anything – a cottage, a castle, a modern building, or whatever else strikes your fancy. The intricacy of the work will surely ward away the boredom.

Climb a tree

Remember that tree you used to conquer when you were young? See if you can still face the daunting challenge now that you’re quite a bit older. Be sure to use some caution, though.

Write your very own book

Sure, reading is fun, but writing your very own book can be even more so!  This can be a huge undertaking, but if you actually finish authoring an entire book, then it is an accomplishment to be mighty proud about. It is easier now than ever to publish a book since online platforms removes the need for a publisher.


Learn a new hobby or skill

Knitting, gardening, or cooking, anyone?  Learning a new hobby takes up a huge amount of time, especially if you want to get good.

Pick up an entirely different language

French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin.  Take your pick!  Try using programs such as Pimsleur to help you out.

Put together a scrapbook

It will come in handy when you have Alzheimer’s.

Play a childhood game

This will definitely take you on a nostalgic trip.

Watch a documentary

Expand your mind by watching a documentary, whether online or on television.

Catch up with long-lost friends

Exchange life stories and determine who has had the worst year so far.


Make homemade ice cream

Finally, that ice cream maker gets to be used!

Prepare the entire week’s menu

No more rushing to get home to make dinner.

Make up your face to look like a clown

Still recognize yourself? You must be doing something wrong.