American Tall

American Tall is dedicated to tall and slim men from 6’3″ to 7’1″ – and thank you for that! Great shirts with long sleeves, pants for tall guys up to 38 inseam and much more to come. American Tall is based in Canada and ships worldwide at very reasonable prices.


What I like about Boden is that you can get ‘long’ and ‘unfinished’ jeans and trousers, meaning a 36″ or 38″ inseam. You choose whatever finish you want once you have chosen a pair of jeans or trousers. Remember to use the well-made Size Guide.

Son of a Tailor

Tailor-made t-shirts; PERFECT for whatever body type you have. Tall and skinny, Big and tall – Son of a Tailor is made to measure – take the size quiz and get your new favorite t-shirt shipped for free to your doorstep. Go ahead and take a look at their site.

So Long Sven

A Swedish clothing brand for tall men established in 2013. They just got their own button-down shirts in – and I think they look awesome! Mattias who started it is 6’11, so he knows of the struggle. Besides shirts, you can shop tall tees, singlets and more – check it out!

TallSlim Tees

Super great basic t-shirts for tall, slim guys like me. I own 3 of them, and I love them – great fit, smooth feel and a really good price as well ($20). I’m 6’8″, 230 pounds, and the XL is a perfect fit for me. Get your new favorite basics here!

J. Crew

Great selection of clothes for tall men – shirts, polos, tall tees and much more in this dedicated part of J. Crew’s webshop specially devoted to tall guys. They also have a department called The Slim Shop for tall and slim guys looking for a more fitted look.


A UK based store for tall guys. They are getting a better and better range of clothing with lots of hoodies, jeans and chinos. Also they are really good in shoes for big guys – go have a look.


A great selection of shoes for tall men – with big feet. If you have large feet, then you are probably looking for something above size 10 – and Eastbay is the place to go for these bigger shoe sizes. Eastbay has big shoes up to size US 18/ EU 55, and their styles are great, running, fitness, trecking, everything. Go have a look!


Check out Lee’s selection of clothes for the Tall. Their jeans can often be ordered in size 36 and 38, so if you like the style, then here’s where to find a nice pair of blue jeans.

Plus 2 Clothing

These Australian guys make tall tees in awesome styles. Not just boring longer t-shirts, but some that actually have a hint of design thought into them. The brand is brand new, so the selection is limited as it is, but they have told us that many new products are in the pipeline such as jackets, shirts and hoodies.

Cheap Monday

Jeans in 36″ – a little hard to find, but Cheap Monday has them in great designs. I ordered a couple of Slim Fits, and I love them. Go check out the jeans selection here.


High-end Swedish shirts with great fit for tall men. High quality formal shirts that are among the best off-the rack shirts around for tall people – excellent fit (3 fits to choose from), but somewhat pricey.

High and Mighty

A great selection of clothing for tall men. Miscellaneous styles (shirts, casual wear, etc.) – prices are somewhat high (no pun intended), but they do have great deals from time to time.The link will take you directly to their tall selection.