T-shirt lovers of the world (aka, everyone), get ready to get excited. We’ve found 12 websites that let you design and print your own t-shirts. Use your original artwork, design and typeface to personalize your style and make a statement with the great American classic, a basic white tee. Is your creativity ready to flow? ‘Cause these sites and ready to turn your ideas into wearable art.


Pick your shirt, upload your artwork and rely on Whooptee to work their magic! This no-nonsense, customizable shirt site is fast, easy, inexpensive and fun.


Started by three college grads, CustomInk has grown from selling customized tees to helping customers sell their own works of art for a cause. Put your design on Booster, CustomInk’s free crowdfunding site. The funds raised go toward an organization or individual of the maker’s choice.

Print All Over Me

Here’s a website that is obsessed with letting anyone share their epic creations with the world. Print All Over Me lets you put your wildest creations on T-shirts, jackets, hats, totes, jumpsuits, dresses, pants, shorts… you get the idea. If it’s a piece of clothing, you can print your designs ALL OVER IT.


This online space is all about fashion for the digital age. Create and share original designs using a 3D tool that makes it fun and easy for anyone to construct designs. Start by uploading your own art and begin revolutionizing the basic tee. Then, work your way up to a pair of leggings to match!


This Ohio-based company proves that Cleveland ROCKS! Jakprints was born out of necessity as the two co-founders needed a way to market their bands. They combined that with their graphic design expertise to form a design + print shirt business. Now consumers everywhere can print their hearts out on t-shirts and more. Don’t miss out on the all-over shirt-sublimation printing and custom tags.


Use your imagination and make your ideas possible with the UberPrints online design studio. Personalize your style with your own images, art and text to create a t-shirt that showcases you, your team, organization or cause.


If you’re thinking of spreadsheets, stop! Spreadshirt isn’t that rigid, this e-commerce platform lets consumers create, buy and sell their original ideas on things that people love to wear — things like t-shirts. Want a customized tee? No problem! Have a genius design idea? No starving artists here! Put your original design up for sale in Spreadshirt’s design shop and make some money.

Print Aura

Start your own business with America’s classic piece of casual wear, the t-shirt. Print Aura is a one-stop shop to get your t-shirt biz rolling. Select the quality and style of tee. You can choose from everything, Hanes to American Apparel. Then, add your artwork and get a printed and drop-shipped tee under YOUR brand, including a customized neck label!

The T-Shirt Mill

This is the ultimate resource for designing customized shirts online. The T-Shirt Mill strives to make it quick, easy and affordable to be an individual. Design your own shirts for personal use or open your own shop and sell your designs with a customized T-Shirt Mill website.


This site lets you design clothes as unique as you are. Take the basic tee to new heights with Apliiq. Instead of customizing your clothes with artwork and text, Apliiq believes in making clothing personal with fabrics and patterns that tell your story. Choose your fave tee, customize your patches, pick your fabric and make it! Oh, and get this, each garment is handcrafted, hand-cut and hand-stitched. Now that’s unique!


Do you have a great design idea? Why not spread your creative talent and, perhaps, make it big in the custom t-shirt market? Threadless is a platform that sells designs submitted by makers like you. Here’s how it works, submit your idea and wait while the Threadless community scores each design. New designs are chosen for print each week, and (here’s where the “make it big” part comes in) the winning artists are paid handsome royalties and their design is worn all over the world!


Want to design a T-shirt? There’s an app for that! We’ve told you about Snaptee before, but when you can design a tee from you phone, it’s worth mentioning more than once. Get your sweet visions printed on men’s tees, women’s tees, kids’ tees or even a hoodie.

Do you have a brilliant t-shirt design idea? Let us know which website you use to transform a basic tee into a work of art in the comments below.