Choosing the right pair underwear is paramount for several reasons. Not only do we depend on these undergarments to keep their comfort throughout the day, but we should also seek to have the best fit to make the most impressionable statement. By this, I mean, your clothes hang better when your undies are in consideration. We’ve got a few tips here to help you with making the right choices when making your pick for the day.


The classic brief. They’re best for the man with larger thighs and the, ahem, more “well-endowed.” If you’re not into the legs riding up throughout the day and hoping for a supportive fit for  your cardio, this is a way to go. Briefs are also good for the shorter male, exposing more leg and  making them appear longer, and you, therefore, taller.


Not the kind of guy to wear suit trousers or slim jeans? The boxer short may be your pick. Boxers offer the greatest breathability and are far less revealing than any other style. They can, however, come at a cost offering very little support down there but the breathability is incomparable. This style’s breathability means they are the best choice for sleepwear, but feel free to sport them with any fashion. Current designers have given the boxer a new appeal creating slimmer and shorter cuts to eliminate the bag and bunch while even adding stretch or tailored waistbands.


The most popular and “love child” of both the boxer and brief, the boxer brief has be come a choice favorite among the modern man. This boxer brief’s versatility promotes the shape of the traditional boxer but cut on a more fitted block for better fit and comfort. Reach for these if you have more to store in the back or if you’re a taller man in stature.


The newest style in the mix, trunks are a shorter version of the boxer-brief and has grown in popularity with the rise of super-skinny trouser styles over the past five years. Sitting from mid-to-upper thigh, flat-fronted and fit a more flush fit with the skin. This style selection goes best with the slimmer or gym-honed male. Waistlines are normally lower than the boxer-brief allowing for a comfy sit lower on the hips and are especially good if you’ve been putting in the hours on that eight-pack.